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OCD Resources And Self-Help

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Whether you have OCD or you know someone with OCD, you might be looking for information and support. Beyond formal OCD therapy, understanding what additional resources are available, such as online communities, support groups, and reading materials, becomes important. While these resources are not a substitute for therapy, they serve as valuable tools to complement your knowledge. Here we offer you some resources and self-help materials for OCD.


While OCD self-help books may not serve as a singular solution leading to recovery, they offer a foundation and knowledge base. Reading these books won’t replace the support and guidance provided by an OCD therapist; however, they can significantly contribute to your overall comprehension of OCD.

Even if self-help alone might not lead to complete recovery, it equips you with insights and awareness that become instrumental when engaging in therapy. So, let’s explore these literary companions, appreciating that the journey to mental health is often enriched by a combination of resources and support.

Books for people with OCD

➤   Break free from OCD by Challacombe, Bream-Oldfield, Salkovskis

➤   Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Veale & Willson.

➤   Getting Control: Overcoming your Obsessions and Compulsions by Lee Baer

➤   Brain Lock by Schwartz

➤  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Frederick Toates and Olga Coschug-Toates

➤  Pulling the trigger – OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression by Shaw & Callaghan.

Books for family and loved ones

➤   Loving Someone with OCD by Karen Landsman, Kathleen Rupertus and Cherry Pedrick

➤   The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with OCD: Reassuring Advice for Raising a Happy Well-Adjusted Child by Stephen Martin and Victoria Costello

Online resources for OCD

➤   The Secret Illness: A worldwide community exploring the experiences of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder through the creative arts.

➤   OCDChallenge: An engaging interactive tool created to provide the support necessary for successfully managing your OCD.

➤   Beyond OCD: The website features videos and reading materials covering various aspects of OCD, including symptoms, effects, treatments, and more. 

Support Groups

➤   OCD Action: This charity runs online support groups for people affected by different types of OCD and their loved ones. 

➤   OCD UK: They also offer online support groups to people with OCD and their families and loved ones. 


➤   Beyond the Doubt: As a contributor to Psychology Today‘s blogging network, Jeff Bell, an OCD advocate, provides first hand insights into the journey of living with OCD. His reflections delve into the depths of navigating life with this condition, offering lessons from the challenges posed by uncertainty.

➤   Taming Olivia: Insights, guidance, and support from someone advocating for OCD awareness and who has firsthand experience with the condition.


➤   The OCD Stories: A podcast centred on recovery, featuring insightful interviews with leading experts in OCD.

➤   Purely OCD: The hosts are licensed therapists who explore various topics such as mindfulness, acceptance, relapse prevention, and imaginal exposures during their discussions.

➤   Your Anxiety Toolkit: A podcast offering practical tools to navigate anxiety, stress, and other difficult emotions.

YouTube channels

➤   Mark Freeman: Mark, an individual who has experienced OCD, shares his insights gained on the journey to recovery.

➤   Ali Greymond: Having recovered from OCD, Ali now provides resources and tools to support others on their journeys. She particularly emphasises the use of ERP techniques, offering a multitude of videos dedicated to specific OCD topics and themes.


➤   OCD Action: OCD Action is a UK-based charity organisation that provides support and information to those affected by OCD. They aim to raise awareness about OCD, reduce stigma, and offer assistance to those living with the condition and their loved ones. They typically offer a range of services, including helplines, support groups, and online resources.

➤   OCD UK: OCD UK is a charity that offers guidance, information, and support services for people impacted by OCD while advocating to eliminate the trivialization and stigma associated with this condition.

➤   International OCD Foundation: The International OCD Foundation serves as a centralised platform offering educational materials, information on treatment providers and facilities, and more. Their extensive website encompasses lists of OCD support groups, links to educational resources, a live chat section, newsletters, and a resource directory, among other valuable features. 

➤   Maternal OCD: Maternal OCD is a charitable organisation that aims to increase awareness, provide information and support to mothers and their families and promote research on perinatal OCD.

➤   BDD Foundation: The BDD Foundation is a charitable organisation dedicated to raising awareness about body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and supporting those affected by this condition. They offer educational materials, online support groups, workshops, and conferences to help increase understanding and improve access to effective treatment for BDD.

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