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CBT and the third-wave therapies

What types of therapy do we offer?

Developed in the 60s, CBT stands as one of the extensively researched and successful forms of therapy. The third-wave therapies are a group of psychotherapeutic approaches that have evolved from CBT. They integrate mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion techniques to enhance psychological well-being.

What do we offer?

Edinburgh counselling

We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Find out where we are.

Online therapy

Connect with us from any part of the world via online, telephone and email counselling.

LGBT+ counselling

A safe and inclusive space that acknowledges the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities.

Student Counselling

We are dedicated to helping students overcome academic challenges along their educational journey.

Therapy for men

First-line treatments personalised for men struggling with various mental health issues.

Therapy in Spanish

For those Spanish natives that prefer do the work in their language. 

The Edinburgh Therapy Service is a psychotherapy and counseling practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom). We offer therapy both in-person in Edinburgh and online, available in English and Spanish.

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)