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Welcome to the Edinburgh Therapy Service! Our therapy practice is based in Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and also provides services online. We work with companies like you to help your employees focus and thrive. Our aim is to help businesses create healthier work environments and support employees psychologically, so they are 100% able to work, develop, and flourish at a professional level, contributing to the success of your company.

Mental health support for employees

My name is Cristina, and I am the founder of Edinburgh Therapy Service. Before becoming a therapist and counsellor, I worked in the corporate sector for over eight years. I have been a part of different digital marketing businesses, which has given me a deep understanding of some of the challenges companies and teams face. I know first-hand the difficulties that an employee can experience, having worked with multiple people. I have also been a manager, leading teams, and this has shown me the demands and complexities of making a team work together.


Communication issues, burnout, heightened expectations, perfectionism, lack of motivation, procrastination, deadline pressures, competition, work-life balance, team anxieties, difficulties in life impacting work, impostor syndrome, and more, can dramatically reduce the productivity of your team. Employees might not be able to focus, or self-criticism might lead them to procrastination and avoidance. If not addressed, many mental health problems can result in the need to take time off. This can have a significant impact on your company and your employees.


Not only that, today we live in a world where mental health has become a hot topic, as society is becoming increasingly aware of the issue and the need for resources. Companies that provide mental health support to their employees are highly regarded by their staff. Offering corporate counselling as a benefit is undoubtedly an attractive feature that job seekers consider when looking for a job.


We know how you feel as a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur; you want to get it right. And you know how important taking care of your employees’ mental health is. While offering mental health services to your employees is a commitment, in the long term, it is the wisest investment. A team with healthy minds and mindsets is a team that produces at high capacity. 


At Edinburgh Therapy Service, we understand this, and for this reason, we have created services directed to help companies grow. We provide company counselling and workplace mental health training, two important services that can make a great difference.

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What do we offer?

What corporate mental health services do we offer?

Workplace Counselling

Pay-as-you-go counselling for your employees. Provide your team the help they need and build a strong, productive, and cohesive business.

Workplace Mental Health Training

Raise awareness among your employees, encourage your people to take care of themselves, and understand warning signs when they arise. We provide training on different topics.

The Edinburgh Therapy Service is a psychotherapy and counseling practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom). We offer therapy both in-person in Edinburgh and online, available in English and Spanish.

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